Robert Dvorkin

        Would you like to learn more about how the Taubman Approach can help you achieve a tension-free experience at the keyboard? Write to me at, or call me at +1 (613) 890-6236. Tell me about yourself, your musical background, any difficulties that you are currently experiencing at the keyboard, and what you hope to accomplish. I would like to help. I teach out of my home, on my beautiful Steinway “B” (c. 1895). Even if you decide not to study the technique in detail, the general approach can be very helpful; but if you give yourself over to the detailed study and practice of this technique, I promise you, you will be nothing short of astonished at the freedom, ease and accuracy with which you are able to get around the keyboard. Then, as I more than implied above, will come the real gift: you can stop worrying about “technique” as such and focus on what you were meant to do: make music.